Festival of Nativities

The annual Vancouver Festival of the Nativities is sponsored by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Vancouver Washington Stake.  This multi-day event has become known for displaying 100+ nativity scenes from all over the world, and as a venue for local performers to share their testimonies of Christ through their music.  Families are especially welcome, as there is a special room for children to dress up as if they were there when baby Jesus was born.  Costumes, crafts, stories and music - and yes, you can take pictures!

The slide show includes photos of over 150 nativity scenes displayed in the 2010 Vancouver Festival of Nativities.  I especially love the unique nativity scenes from the islands and from Africa... and the whimsical nativity scenes featuring frogs, or bears, or monkeys... and the really ornate nativity scenes that look like they belong in a museum, and.... well, ok, I just love them all!!!

Christmas Blessings to you! ~ Grandma Jo

3 Christmas Messages:
1. Peace on Earth
2. Goodwill to Men
3. Batteries Not Included

Grandma Jo - Blooper Laugh


Grandma Jo's
Christmas Story Time
for Children

"The Animals' Christmas Eve"

"The Christmas Story"

"The Friendly Beasts"

"The Night Before Christmas"

"Yes, Virginia, There Is A Santa Claus"

Alec & Grandma Jo -2010
Merry Christmas Mom & Dad

Aidan & Grandma Jo
"Franklin's Christmas Gift"

Kalyn & Grandma Jo
"Rudolph's Second Christmas"